Featured Showcased Writer of the Month
Debby Stark

Writers' showcase revisited

What have you been up to since the last interview?
Getting older ;) I haven't had time to do as much writing and keep promising myself and others that I'll get back to it asap. However, I keep finding other things to do.

Although a FoLC is forever, are you still an active part of the fandom? What holds your interest now?
I still like reading the mailing lists, and I collect and keep all the L&C stories I can find.

Are you still writing? If so, what is/are your current project/projects?
I'm rereading Dawning and taking detailed notes so that when I get around to writing more new material for it, I'll be able to continue threads and keep my own continuity. I also have ideas for some other stories. It's amazing how little things in life make one wonder "What if Lois &/or Clark were in this situation? How would they react?"

Do you think your writing style has evolved? How? Why?
Practice makes perfect, or better, at least (one hopes). I cringe when I find typos and poor writing in my older material. But I also remember the fun I had writing it.

Has your view on the characters and the show changed, and why?
It evolved during the show itself as, in my opinion, the writing got worse. The only good thing about that is that it left a tremendous amount of room for fanfic from those who really liked the show.

Are your tastes in fanfic, as well as your view of writing in general, different from what they used to be? Why?
I rarely seek out other fanfic. No other show since L&C has interested me that way. I *am* interested in other shows but think they are already well written and don't require fanfic to expand on anything.

What are your most recent picks of other fanfics in the fandom?
None. I have bought comic books for Buffy, Angel and Lone Gunmen (I've given up on Superman for a while due to the current war theme), but haven't had time to read them. I've had some LGM and First Wave fanfic inflicted on me through mailing lists and, while I appreciated the young fans' efforts, didn't like the results. Fanfic isn't easy.

Open forum for author comments.
I still have a lot of pictures and posters of L&C up around my apartment, so there's hope for me continuing to write L&C fanfic. I haven't folded my tent, unsubscribed from email groups, and stolen away yet. I hope someday to find a fan living nearby who will rekindle my enthusiasm so I won't have to say "Those were the days..."

Debby Stark