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How long have you been watching L&C?
L&C premiered on television when I was in seventh grade, I think. I caught it every once in a while, and, although it was a lovely way to spend a Sunday night, I really didn't pay much attention to it. Then, when I went into eight grade, my friend Ann started watching it, and she talked about it so much that I had to watch it on Sunday nights just too keep up with conversations in school on Monday. I began watching it every week that I was able to, and if I missed it, she would tell me all about it the next day at school Pretty soon, it got to the point where the two of us would call each other during commercials to discuss what was happening on the show. I remember I used to sit by the TV in our family room with the cordless phone next to me; as soon as the scene would fade and the commercial would begin, the phone would ring. I'd pick it up, not even bothering to say hello, and immediately begin with "Did you see that?" or "Can you believe so and so did that?" We had so much fun discussing and making predictions about what was going to happen. I still remember the two-hour phone conversation we spent wondering what would happen after we watched Clark propose to Lois in the park, and the time we cried together on the phone when Clark went off to New Krypton.

After L&C went off the air, though, (right after my sophomore year of high school, I believe) Ann's interest in L&C gradually lessened until it became just a fond memory. I, on the other hand, got worse <g>. I wasn't online at the time, so I didn't know all the things that the FoLCs were doing to try and save the show. I kind of felt like I was alone on that one (I was so happy to find out later that I most definitely was not!). I wrote letters to ABC during that summer and began writing a little fanfic (but that's a whole other question <g>). When L&C began rerunning on TNT, I was ecstatic. I only had a few episodes on tape up to that point, so I decided to tape every one as it came on I had a blast watching all the first season episodes that I had missed during L&C's first run. Now that I'm in my second year of college, though, there are some spots on the tapes that have become a bit worn...can't imagine how that happened ;)

How long have you been a fan of Superman?
I liked Superman as a child; my younger brother and I used to watch videos of Superman cartoons when we were little (we actually still have them for when the younger cousins come over to visit). I really became a fan, though, when L&C came along. Now I have Superman t-shirts, mugs, key chains, a towel...the list goes on and on. My family has gotten to the point where they just shake their heads and smile <g>.

How long have you been writing?
Ever since I learned how <g>. When I was in elementary school, I always said that when I grew up, I wanted to be a teacher and an author--I could teach during the school year and write books during the summer. The teaching goal hasn't changed, although the writing goal has been tamed a bit to just a wonderful hobby. I've never been much of a math and science person, but I've always loved reading and writing (it comes from my mother). There has always been something totally enthralling to me about taking a blank piece of paper and creating situations and characters that open people's minds and touch their hearts. There's this awesome sense of power that accompanies the written word--you, the author, command the thoughts and actions of those characters who live within your pages; however, as with all things, with that power comes incredible responsibility. You have to be true to those characters, relate to their situations and be sensitive to the problems that you've brought before them. You have to tell their story truthfully and to the best of your ability, and be prepared to defend those choices you make as an author to anyone who might challenge them. I think that one of the greatest things about writing is that you will continue to grow as a writer, no matter how long you've been doing it.

How long have you been writing L&C fanfic?
I started writing the summer between S2 and S3. Most of them were a page or two at the most, then one longer one involving Lex Luthor hatching a plot to assassinate the President (hey, first attempts are never very original). Most of these attempts were written in my journal and will probably never see the light of day <g>. After that, though, I put away the fanfic writing for a few years--not having the internet during that time, I thought that I was a little crazy for writing stories about a TV show. How wonderful it was to discover that all you fanfic writing FoLCs were just as crazy and obsessed as I was <g>. Anyway, the summer before I left for college, I took my graduation money and bought a new computer. It was then that I discovered the fanfic archive and Zoomway's Message Board. I was in heaven and devoured all the fanfic I came across.

However, it wasn't until the second semester of my freshman year in college that I decided to give fanfic another try. I wrote my first vignette, "Yesterday's News" in a couple of hours, then spent three days debating whether or not to post it to the boards. I'm very glad that I finally did! I will always remember seeing that first comments folder appear and thinking, "Oh my gosh, someone read my story!" The next thing I remember was being terrified to open the folder because it had been started by one of my favorite authors! I kept thinking, why did she have to read it first? My writing is definitely not in the same league as hers! Fortunately, she gave me wonderful comments, and I will soon be celebrating my one-year anniversary in fanfic. So thank you, Wendy, for that first favorable review!

What types of Fanfic have you written?
I've written a several WAFFy vignettes, along with one angsty story (that was WAFFy in parts!)

Most recent story posted? Where?
My most recent vignette, "The Return to Clark's Apartment," was posted on Zoom's MBs and should hit the archive shortly.

Favorite story you have written? Why?
Not that I've written all that many, but I have enjoyed writing each and every story. I would have to say that I have a special fondness for "A Love Well Worth the Wait." I'm a bit of a sucker for angst, and this premise had plenty of it. I spent a great deal of time on it, and the story is my longest work to date. I had such an incredible experience writing it, especially because I had the chance to work with Wendy as my beta reader. I learned so much from her, and my story is ten times better than it should have been simply because she was kind enough to offer her time

Current project/projects?
There are several projects floating around on the hard drive <g>. However, if I list them here, that means that people will be expecting them, and I can't promise that some of these WIPs won't end up in the recycle bin. I will say, though, that I am working on one longer fic, and Helene and I are working on writing a yet-to-be-titled fic. Oh, and there are always those little vignettes that just seem to crop up out of nowhere every once in a while <g>.

Personal picks of other Fanfics you have read?
Gosh, I don't even know where to begin. The first fanfics that I read were by Zoomway, Demi, and Erin Klinger, and they were the ones to get me hooked. I've already mentioned her, but I will absolutely jump anything by Wendy Richards, especially if it's angsty ;) I stand completely in awe of Sheila Harper, and I adore Kathy Brown's work, along with LabRat, Carol Malo, Irene Dutchak, Yvonne Connell, Chris Mulder, Pam Jernigan, and Helene (Kaethel). I really enjoy Missy Gallant, Nan Smith, Shayne Terry, and Tank Wilson as well. Oh boy, see what happens when you start naming names? I'm positive that I've forgotten someone that should be on this list--we have such talented people in FoLCdom that's its almost impossible to name them all! As for favorite fanfics, there are a few that I've read countless times "Heaven's Prisoners", "When Friends Become Lovers", "A Shot in the Dark", "In the Beginning", "The Healing Time", and "Burnout" are definitely on my all-time favorite list.

General Interview Questions

What attracted you to writing Fanfic and what about it do you enjoy?
The characters, without a doubt--well, more specifically, the way Dean and Teri portrayed them. Whenever I write fanfic, I always reread a scene that I have written and imagine Dean and Teri saying the words and making the gestures. If that works in my imagination, there is a good chance that it'll work on paper, too. I love creating my own situations for Lois and Clark and writing how I think they would react to them.

What about L&C and the characters do you like the most?
I am totally in love with the characters of both Lois and Clark <g>. Okay, I'll admit that I'm a sucker for any good romance story, but I've never been compelled to write fanfic about any other couple or any other characters. To me, there is just *something* about their story--something that I don't think I could ever truly explain to people outside of this fandom--but you guys know what I'm talking about. While the story of how we all became FoLCs varies from person to person, there is always one constant we fell in love with the characters and the story of their life. Some people like Lois more than Clark, some Clark more than Lois; as for me...well, I like them both equally. To me, they are truly two halves of one whole, dependent upon each other, but at the same time, having independent personalities and qualities.

Lois reminds me of my Mom; that babble gene shows up every once in while, and they both have this *voice*...gosh, what's the best way to describe it? I think an example might illustrate it best take the scene in WIEAK--the one where Lois shows up to Clark's apartment only to discover that Veronica Kipling is sitting on his couch? During that whole scene, Lois uses this sweet tone of voice with Clark when they are around Veronica, but it has this underlying bitter, almost sarcastic quality to it. My brother and I joke about "the voice" all the time--Mom only uses it when she's in public and doesn't want to scold you in front of other people. When you get home, though, you'd better watch out, `cause you're definitely in trouble! <g> I also love Lois's tough-as-nails exterior that is really only there to guard a very warm, caring, vulnerable heart. I love her jump-in-the-pool-without-checking-the-water-level-first approach to life, only because I'm so organized and cautious at times that I wish I would have the guts to do something like that!

As for Clark, I love that Smallville background of his. Like him, I grew up on a farm in a very small town, with incredibly loving and supportive parents. They are my constants in life and most definitely are two of the best role models that I could ever hope for. I've learned that friends may come and go, but my family will always be there for me, no matter what. So I guess you could say that my parents are a bit like Martha and Jonathan <g>. I love Clark's small town values, but I also admire him for making his own way in the world and moving to a big city like Metropolis. I wish I could have Clark's way with words--I'd absolutely love for someone to read my writing out loud and then say, "Smooth!" the way Jimmy did the first time he heard Perry read Clark's article. But most of all, I love the way Clark has all of these superpowers, yet his gentleness and kindness may just be his most amazing power of all.

Together, I love the innocence of their relationship--that classic `boy meets girl and falls in love at first sight' scenario definitely appeals to me. Personally, I think on some level Lois too fell for Clark from the moment she met him...it just took her a little longer to see it. ;) I adore the fact that they were friends and partners first before anything romantic happened between them. Together, they learned how to respect, how to be a best friend, how to trust, and how to confide in each other. I love the way they fought through so much just to be together--how many relationships do you know that could survive clone makers or psycho psychiatrists or people who shrink people into little people? Yes, their relationship is pure fantasy, but to me, there is just enough craziness to make it real ;)

How do you interpret them in your work?
Well, if you actually made it through the rambling of that last response, I'm going to cut both you and me a break <bg> and just say that I try to stay as in character as possible.

How did you begin writing in general?
Like most people, I began writing in school, and then I guess I found out that I liked it <g>. I had wonderful teachers all throughout my school years, but there were two teachers in particular that really stick out in my mind. One was my Creative Writing teacher in high school. She was so enthusiastic about every kind of writing that you couldn't help but be swept along. The other was my seventh grade English teacher. Every Friday afternoon, she would let us just read and write freely. I remember how much I loved those afternoons; she would discuss books with us, brainstorm with us, and read and critique our writing. The best part about it was that none of it was graded. We didn't do it because we had to; we did it because we loved to. Even the boys in my class treasured this time because she genuinely showed an interest in the books that they brought in to read or the stories that they were writing. Both women were very instrumental in encouraging me to write, and although I'm sure they will never see this, I'll always be very grateful to them.

How do you feel about being nominated for a Kerth Award?
Are there really words to describe that feeling? Because if there are, I certainly haven't found them yet <g>. But, if I have to find words, here's my attempt to begin with, I was absolutely floored; I read the list of nominees, saw my name, and promptly bit my lip to keep from screaming. (I didn't want to alarm my roommates!) It is such an amazing feeling to know that people enjoy your work enough to count it among the best, especially with the all the talent in FoLCdom. I am thrilled, honored, and very humbled to be a nominee for the 2001 Kerth Awards.

What story of yours was nominated for a Kerth Award and could you tell about it?
"Yesterday's News" was a rewrite of a scene in the ep "Resurrection"; it was nominated for Best Vignette/Short Story. "That Shocking First Kiss" was a fluffy little piece that was nominated for Best WAFFy, and it's about Lois and Clark's first kiss, of course. "A Love Well Worth the Wait" was nominated for Best Tearjerker and is based on the premise that Lois and Clark never got together romantically, and--unable to bear working with her any longer--Clark moves to London. One year later, the two partners meet again when Clark returns for the Planet's fiftieth anniversary celebration. Meanwhile, Barbara Trevino and Sebastian Finn are back, making life dangerous for Lois, and Clark must again come to her aid.

Have you ever been nominated for the Kerth Award before? If so, please name the fanfic and tell something about it.
Nope, this year will be my first. I'm terribly excited about attending the ceremony!

What are you working on now and where do you see it going?
See current projects

What is your opinion about the following types of L&C Fanfics?

I like some well-written action scenes every once in a while, but the relationship, B-plot aspect of L&C will always be my favorite.

This would have to be my favorite category out of the ones listed here. I like dramatic fics with a more serious theme and plot, combined with a healthy dose of angst :)

It is much harder to be funny on paper than it is to be funny in person, so I have the utmost respect for people who can write funny, witty fics. They're definitely not my specialty, however!

Round Robin?
Actually, I've never participated in one of these types of fics, and I doubt I would be very good at it, anyway. I really enjoy reading them, though, and again, I have so much respect for people who can write on the spot like that.

Actually, I find that I prefer PG fanfic, but that's just me <g>.

Has *everything* been done in your opinion, and if not, what is left?
Every time I think everything has been done, someone comes up with a new, incredibly inventive idea, like Pam Jernigan's "Tryst" or Hazel's "A Certain Point of View" Not to mention, there will always be new ways to change scenes from the show so they reflect the way we FoLCs thought they should have been done <g>.

What do you think makes the best story?
The best story? Hmm, I think the best story depends on my mood <g>. There are times when I love a little WAFFy vignette, and then there are times when I want to see Superman saving the world from yet another evil villain bent on destroying it. Overall, I suppose the best story would have good writing, the emphasis on a heart tugging (yet WAFFy) B-plot, and an interesting A-plot.

Would you like to add a link or URL to your favorite fanfic for the readers to sample your writing?
All my fic can be found on the archive (www.lcfanfic.com) or at Anne's Place (www.annesplace.net) under my name.

Where is the best place for a reader to locate your work?
Either one of the places listed above.

Open Forum For Author Comments
I want to thank the showcase team for giving me this opportunity--I feel so honored to have been asked to do this interview! I have met so many wonderful people all over the world and made many good friends in the short time that I have been apart of the online community. I love talking to everyone on IRC (okay, so I do a lot of listening, too, but you guys have some really interesting conversations!) and I've enjoyed getting to know everyone. To three of my best FoLC friends--Laura S, Em, and Helene--I want to thank you for all the emails, late night chats on AIM, and brainstorming sessions on IRC. We all live so far away from each other, but I hope one of these days we will actually be able to meet in person! <g>.

To all the fanfic authors, I would like you to know how much I enjoy your work--you've brought me so many hours of wonderful reading, and I hope you continue to write! Also, I would like to thank everyone that has given me feedback on any of my stories. I can't stress enough how much they have been appreciated!

Lastly, thanks to Annette for running this site and to the showcase team for reviving the Writer's Showcase. I enjoy reading it each week and discovering new things about my favorite authors!

Thanks again
Tracey :)