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Annie Lansbury

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Lois & Clark The New Adventure of Superman Writer's Showcase. At the bottom of this web site you will findlinks to past featured writers. Just click on the any writer's name you might have missed or want to read again and you will be taken to their interview.

Now, in keeping with Annie's famous words, without further ado I am proud and honored to present this week's Writer in the Writer's Showcase ...

Annette, Labrat, Kaethel, Avia

Featured Writer of the Week
Anne Spear

Personal Information

Author name
Anne Spear

E-mail addresses
raggedyanne@iwon.com or njspear@aiov.com

Hamburg, NJ

List, AOL, or web affiliations
Member of afolclife for about three years.

Lois and Clark or Superman Status

How long have you been watching L&C?
Since the very first episode.

How long have you been a fan of Superman?
I started collecting comic books when I was eight-years-old. I guess I first noticed the superhero ones when I was about ten or eleven.

How long have you been writing?
Since high school. Creative Writing was always my favorite subject, both then and in college.

How long have you been writing L&C fanfic?
Around the same time that I joined afolclife, I found the Lois & Clark Fanfic Archive. My first story was submitted in November 1998.

What types of Fanfic have you written?
Revelation, crossover, Next-Generation, Alternate Dimension...the better question would be, what haven't I written?

Most recent story posted? Where?
"Forever Superman" -- a crossover between Lois & Clark and "Forever Knight" on the Lois & Clark Fanfic Archive.

Favorite story you have written? Why?
Ick. I hate picking a favorite of anything. My most used phrase is "it's *one* of my favorites," 'cause I can never choose just one. Being put on the spot, I'll have to say that "Tales from the Krypt" is my favorite, because there's room for expansion and lots of sequels. In fact, I've just finished a prequel to it and will submit it as soon as my personal editor tells me how many flubs she found.

Current project/projects?
As usual, I have about three separate stories all in process. Besides the above mentioned prequel to "Tales from the Krypt," I started one a while ago which lets Lois and Clark see life from each other's prespective. Also, I'm currently working on an alternate dimension story that explores the possibility that a different family could have found the baby in the spaceship. It's a study of environment vs. genes. In other words, would Kal-El still be a moral person, even if the family that raised him wasn't.

Personal picks of other Fanfics you have read?
Basically, anything written by Wendy and/or Tank is wonderful.

General Interview Questions

What attracted you to writing Fanfic and what about it do you enjoy?
Whenever I finish reading a book, I want more. I think that's why I enjoy reading and writing fanfic. It's a way of keeping these characters alive and giving the fans more to love.

What about the L&C and the characters do you like the most?
There was a chemistry between all the actors on Lois & Clark that can't be faked and it comes through to the characters. Even when the story is about one of the secondary players, you're never disinterested in the story. I can watch the same 88 shows over and over and see something new each time.

How do you interpret them in your work?
I try to stay true to the original characters as much as possible. I once received a feedback email that stated I write Lois very well. I was *really* proud of that remark.

How did you begin writing in general?
Back in Junior High, we would get English assignments to write a short story and I realized how much I enjoyed doing it. Then in High School, Creative Writing was offered as an elective and I made sure I signed up for it.

What are you working on now and where do you see it going?
"His Brother's Keeper" is the previously mentioned "Kal-El is found by someone besides the Kents" story. It's the longest one I've written, so far. At this point, I really can't see where it's headed. I tend to find out where my stories go as I write them. Sometimes, they surprise me.

What is your opinion about the following types of L&C fanfic's?
Great to read, harder to write

The more tearful, the better.

My favorite. I can always use a good laugh. I just wish I could write it.

Round Robin?
It can get distracting when each separate author is listed for each part written.

Love it!! I get even get my hubby (the nonfolc) to read them!

Has *everything* been done in your opinion, and if not, what is left?
Never. There will always be new perspectives on old ideas. I'm sure, twenty or more years from now, there will be new writers taking our existing stories and rewritting them to make them all new.

What do you think makes the best story?
Getting the reader to feel along with the characters.

Where is the best place for a reader to locate your work?

Open Forum For Author Comments
I am a fan of many shows and movies, but this is the only one that I immerse myself into so completely. I've found that writing relaxes me like no other of my hobbies do. And I've met so many nice and interesting people as a direct result of this experience. Who knows, someday, I may be able to tell my nephews of this time and create one of those new writers in twenty or so years.