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Please note there are some issues involving certain anti-virus software. If you encounter a problem when submitting, simply copy and paste this page and email us at loisclark @ annesplace.net.

IRC Clients:
To be able to chat you'll need one ofthese IRC Clients. For Windows users please choose mIRC. For MAC users please choose IRCLE. These links will open a new window. If you are using a pop-up blocker press the "control" key while clicking on the icon.

#loisclark exists as a channel for FoLCs to discuss issues related to the TV series Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, including the episodes, fanfiction and the actors playing the characters.

Membership is open to anyone who is aged 13 or over and who agrees to abide by the small number of channel rules listed on this page.

The channel password is only available from the channel moderators and anyone requiring it MUST 'sign' the disclaimer below to have it emailed to them. Anyone found to be giving out the password to anyone else will be banned from #loisclark and the password will be changed.

Topics and OT discussions:
This channel was formed for FOLCs to chat about the show, fanfic, and everything else going on in their lives. No topics are off-limits -- but if you notice that only a few people are responding, that might be your cue to take the conversation to privage messages. Also, no netspeak, please. This refers to shortcuts for smaller words. Example: How R U? Where R U from? and so on.

There is no automatic ban on sending channel logs, except that logs should not be sent to anyone who is not a member of #loisclark. Otherwise, members should exercise common sense. If in doubt, ask anyone of the channel moderators..

Nick-parking (leaving your nick on channel while you're away from your computer for periods of several hours at a time) is frowned on. Please try to avoid this.

Channel information:
The channel is owned by Annette Ciotola, but is moderated by several FoLC. For General Questions you can email loisclark @ annesplace.net and someone will respond in a timely manner.

As stated, to sign up for the password, you must agree to the following:

I accept the general principles as outlined above. I am at least 13 years old, and I agree not to send logs to anyone who is not a channel member, and not to distribute the password to anyone.

(Clicking the "I Accept" button constitutes your agreement with these rules.)

Full Name:
E-Mail Address:

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